JSWEAT Version 1.0 Mechanism

You as a user need to have 3 main NFTs to start jumping and earning: Energy drinks, jump ropes and shoes. Each NFT has its own mission.
I. Energy drinks
To start your earning task, you are required to buy energy drink to boost up your jumping stamina.
Regular energy drink: 5 hours of jumping stamina
Natural energy drink: 10 hours of jumping stamina
Collagen energy drink: 20 hours of jumping stamina
Muscle energy drink: 40 hours of jumping stamina
For example: If you buying the muscle energy drink, you can jump and earn for 40 hours’ maximum then you need to buy another energy drink to continue your process.
II. Jump ropes and shoes.
Next step, you are required to buy a pair of shoes and a jump rope to start jumping and earning.
At the beginning, user will start at level 1 then keep finishing tasks to level up for your new items unlock.
Shoes benefits
Jump Ropes
Jump ropes benefits
Basic shoes
+50 JS/skip
Luck: 3.0
Basic Rope
Luck: 3.0
Boost up shoes
Luck: 3.5
Stormy Shoes
Luck: 4.0
Weighted rope
Luck: 5.0
Thunder Shoes
Luck: 4.5
Speed balls rope
Luck: 7.0
Lightening shoes
Luck: 5.0
Speed rope
Luck: 9.0
S-Line Shoes
Luck: 5.5
7 + 8
Ultra Shoes
Luck: 6.0
Signature JS shoes
Luck: 9.5
Level 1 + 2:
- At level 1 you can buy Basic shoes and Basic rope with the maximum benefit = 50JS + 50JS = +100JS/skip
- At level 2 you can have the combination of boost up shoes and Basic rope with the maximum benefit = 100JS + 50JS = +150JS/skip
Level 3:
- At level 3 you can buy Stormy shoes with the new rope unlocked: Weighted rope with the maximum benefit = 150JS/skip + 150JS/skip = +300JS/skip
Level 4:
- At level 4 you can buy Thunder shoes and Speed balls rope with maximum benefit = 200JS + 300JS = +500JS/skip
Level 5 – 9: At this level range, you will earn the chance to buy best JS jump rope: Speed Rope with 9.0 luck.
- At level 5: The most efficient jump rope unlocked: Speed rope, you can match it with Lightening shoes with the maximum benefit = 300JS + 350JS = +650JS/skip
- At level 6 you can have the combination of S-Line shoes and Speed rope which provides the maximum benefit = 350JS + 350JS = +700JS/skip
- At level 7 + 8: perfect combination is Ultra shoes and Speed rope with maximum benefit = 450JS + 350JS = +800JS/skip
- At level 9 (Maximum level): now you’re the champion of JSweet ecosystem: The best shoes unlocked: Signature JS shoes - a perfect match with Speed rope which provides maximum benefit = 800JS + 350JS = +1150JS/skip
**Luck Calculation**
Luck is defined as a stat that optimizes the chance to double your jumping rewards while completing each quest. (The maximum luck will be 9.25)
For example: You have the combination of Signature JS shoes with 9.5 luck and Speed rope with 9.0 luck, the total luck stat can be calculated = (9.5 + 9.0)/2 = 9.25 points of luck