Starting Over

Ready: It is necessary to download the JSweat app and connect it to the Metamask Wallet in order to get started with the project.

Note: A beta version is all that's available at this time for JSweat, and it's only an overview of what's to come in the 1.0 release. Whitepaper content is subject to revision at any time.

· First step: Install the JSweat App

JS is now available for download here: "Coming soon"

· Second step: Connect your Metamask wallet

Create a connection between the app and your Metamask wallet by selecting "Connect" in the upper right corner of the app and entering your BSC Wallet address, which will be used to receive tokens as incentives.

· Third step: Jumps and Counts

We're ready to go! Once you've jumped, you'll earn tokens.

Launch this application, press STATRT, and then place your iPhone in your pocket.

Start jumping, and the app will automatically do the counting when you're training

When the session is complete, use the STOP button to get the training summary.

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